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Sunday, November 28, 2010

08/21/09 1:40PM

I AM DONE! I am beaten, broken, bruised, bent out of shape, withered, tattered, torn, hurt, angry, worn down--I AM DONE!
My boyfriend is no longer, and I am throwing in the towel. After 4 times of leaving, I am done. He continues to go to AA meeting after smoking marijuana, and I am sick of pretending everything is okay, because it's not; and I am sick of pretending that I am the one who isn't doing enough to have made us work, because I'm not!
I deserve better than he could ever give me, and he refuses to give it to me, so I am forced to give it to myself: all of the things that I deserve to have, and to be...
With that said, I'm reading this book called "Better Single Than Sorry". I hope I learn that being single doesn't mean you are incomplete.

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