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Sunday, November 28, 2010

07/24/09 7:39AM
Sorry I haven't wrote in awhile. Things have been hectic. On Thursday, I had my wisdom teeth pulled (boo), but Steve came in (yay!). I did more than I thought I would over the weekend. I went to breakfast for the first time at Cracker Barrell. That place is always busy for breakfast. I took some hydrocodone for the pain, which knocked me the f*&% out! Mental note of things not to take: vicoden and hydrocodone.

I took Steve to Mt. Bonnell, and the 360 bridge. Sunday, we went to 6th Street. I took him to Coyote Ugly. It was fun, yet raunchy to say the least. After we were good and drunk, he told me that he wondered why I never noticed that he liked me, and if it weren't for me, what would he be doing out in Texas? I told him, of course I noticed, I just didn't care for him in that way. Ugh! What another dilemma of things I don't really feel like dealing with...

Now I'm back at work, and my ears won't stop itching because of my headphones...I made a doctor's appt., for them... I also have one, same day for a followup on my teeth.

I got a call for a CNA part-time job. It's all part of my plan to be a baller. (evil laugh here) I hope I get it. I need the money, as I can't make ends meet.

Last night, I slept from about 6pm, til about 6:30 this morning. I have a cold, so when I move my jaw around to unpop my ears, it hurts like hell.

Of course I like to save the best for last: with that said, I've been reading this amazingly interesting, yet sad blog: It's called "The Spohrs Are Multiplying," and it's about this couple who had a baby who was born premature, and all of the struggles they go through, both through pregnancy and after. It is very interesting. If you do read it, I suggest you start with the archives, as it will let you know the history of the story. You can find it here:

Working hard...looking to the future; still waiting for love to fall in my hands, GOD!

Peace, love,
and everything above,


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