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Friday, August 21, 2015

It's adventure time! This weekend I am going to see my cousin J.R.'s wedding in St. Louis (well, not exactly St. Louis, but close enough)! What's especially great about this wedding is that a lot of my cousins and family will be together, so we're planning on bringing down the house. Also, since I'm single (which I can't say is a bad thing), I decided to invite my dad to the wedding, as he's always been close to my mother's side of the family. Therefore, a road trip is in order. It's going to be so much fun because even though it's only about a 4-hour drive, I'll spending time with my dad, which I hardly ever get to to do (even though we live in the same house). I know I can expect lots of singing from him, and music from bands like Journey, Kansas, Electric Light Orchestra, The Who, Bob Seger, the Beatles, etc. I absolutely cannot wait, and will take a million pictures to share next week.


Whatever your adventures include this weekend, I hope you have fun wherever life takes you!

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