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Friday, February 27, 2015

February Practical Scrappers!

Wow,  this becoming a THING, in which I post every month! Yay, me!
If you just wandered in, you should've  come from Monica's blog:

Here is my layout, and I must say that the story is one even better than the layout.
I went to take out the garbage at my ex boyfriend's house and saw this little baby sitting in the strip that separates one part of the cement from the other, in the middle of the alley. What was even cuter was that his little head was resting on the raised part of the cement and he was making no attempts to get up or run away.  I knew if I left him there, there was a chance he'd be run over by a car. So I ran in the house, grabbed a shoe box, and scooped him in.  For the next several hours, I drove my dad and ex boyfriend INSANE trying to find a new home for the little guy. 
I took him to the first place, a wildlife rescue and they couldn't take him, because he was European. So they sent me to another place, where the lady told me he'd been born with splayed legs and couldn't stand like normal birds could.  Also, when Europeans would come on ships, the birds would sneak into the bird seed and travel over with the immigrants.
To this day I still wonder if he had a European accent! :) 
I plan to put a photo of the sign, where this baby found his forever home.
So it was a happy ending for this lil guy,  and though I drove everyone crazy the whole day, I probably saved his life, and was happy I could help him out of danger.  And who could say no to a face like this, right?

Well I hope you enjoyed my post this month.  The next stop in the blog hop list will be Majken:

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by.  See you next time!  :)


  1. I remember this!! So happy you scrapped this story. Love your layout!

  2. Sweet story! I'm so glad you worked to find this little guy a place to live as he certainly would not have survived without help!
    The stamped birds are perfect and I really like your choice of papers and colors! Thanks so much for sharing your page and your story!

  3. oh how sweet!!!! love your bird pic and the added birdie stamps!!!

  4. so the design and colors!

  5. Love the colors and design of your page!

  6. What a sweet story. Your layout is perfect for the adorable photo and I love the stamping!

  7. Sweet story - such a pretty paper too.