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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Moxie Fab Happy for Hexagons Challenge

Two for the price of one! Get it while it lasts, and it won't last long!

I made a card for the Hexagons: Happy for Hexagons Challenge, on the Moxie Fab World Blog.  This one runs until midnight, March 7, 2014 so if you have some time, I encourage you to play.  Moxie Fab World Hexagons: Happy for Hexagons Challenge

So here it is:

I decided to get creative, by adding two different colored sets of strips, cutting them into twos, and placing them back to back to form more hexagons.  Those are the purple, orange, and light blue strips you see on the right. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time. :)

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