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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Austin Zoo

Did you know Austin has a zoo?! Most people don't. Austin Zoo and Sanctuary is small, but a really great place to go if you don't want to go all the way to Dallas or Houston.  The roosters, peacocks, turkeys, and some other birds get to roam around inside the zoo's fenced in area.  I was told by Toni, one of the zoo employees, that all of the animals are rescued from homes, and other locations where they're not taken care of.  She told us that some of the newest lions (not yet on display) are just getting used to their home, and in their previous location, they never knew what it was to step on grass.  Thanks to the Austin Zoo, all of these animals are much happier.  She even told me that one of the roosters, was named Highstepper, for the way he walked.  I thought was such a fitting name, after I saw him walk.  He walked like he was practicing for a chorus line!  Haha.  My favorite was the humungous turtle. I swear, I wanted to take him home with me, or pet him, both of which wouldn't have been such great ideas.  But he was so very adorable!

If you're looking for a zoo, that's close to Austin, come check out this place! As Toni said, every time you walk in that door, you support the animals, and everyone can agree that this reason alone is reason enough.
 10807 Rawhide Trail  Austin, TX 78736 
 (512) 288-149



Ewwww! Turtle toe nails!

The goats saw me with food in hand a mile away.

The goose who tried to eat my phone. He must not like photos.


If you've never been to Austin, Texas, then you've never been to ToyJoy, one of the coolest toy stores I've ever seen.  I know what you're thinking, and it's NOT it's not that kind of toy store. It's a children's toy store!  This place has some of the coolest toys I've ever seen, and definitely has something for everyone. Toy banks, stuffed animals, paper dolls, clock clacks, and so many other super cool toys.  Click clacks (remember those?) and so many other super cool toys. Rubber balls, plastic animals and A LOT of Hello Kitty items. They even have toys for babies and old music box!  So if you're ever in town, you should definitely check out this amazing store. You won't be disappointing! 
2900 Guadalupe Street
Austin, TX  78705

Wimberley, Texas

This past weekend, I visited Wimberley, Texas. I was expecting it to be a cool small town, but what I wasn't expecting how nice everyone everyone would be!  Everyone says hello when you walk in.  What a welcoming feeling!

I started out at Wimberley's visitor center, but it was closed, so I decided to have lunch at Arby's.  After that, I parked and it wasn't until I got out of the car, that I realized just how fun this was going to be.

 I went to almost all of the stores in Wimberley.  Chick-a-dee, The Flying Pig, and Wall Street to Western are just a couple of stores you can find there.  I even took a break at Ino'z to take some photos of Cypress Creek, and listen to a bluegrass (or beatgrass band, as Ino'z calls it) named Lonesome G. Listening to that band, that's when I knew I was in Heaven.

With my batteries recharged, I kept exploring and found two of my new favorite stores, Magnolia Pearl and Vintage Girl, Inc.  If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE anything shabby chic, and these two stores had me head over heels in love.  Magnolia Pearl has beautiful pieces, both vintage and shabby chic.  Vintage Girl, Inc., has everything from beautiful clothing to inspiring wall art to interesting books to stunning jewelry.  I can now say I have two great new places to shop for shabby chic finds.

After going to just about every store, I decided to drive through the town one last time.  It was then that I remembered that the visitor center was open, so I decided to stop in, luckily with five minutes before they closed.  I met a man there (who's name I forget--sadly, I'm horrible with names) and his mother, who were happy to welcome me even it was just before closing time.  The woman wore a hat and a long-sleeved rhinestoned Texas button-down shirt.  She was both beautiful and adorable at the same time.  Her son was so charming, telling me that I was very pretty.  Talk about Southern Gentleman!  After talking to them for several minutes,  it was time to leave Wimberley.  It's a great small town, perfect for a day trip if you don't want to travel too far from Austin.

If you'd like more info, check out You won't be disappointed with this beautiful, quaint town.  I know I'm going to be back. :)