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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Valentine's Day Ever

This morning, when I woke up, I had no idea it was Valentine's Day---until they said it on the radio, on the way to work. I thought to myself ” Oh yeah, I forgot!” and posted this on Facebook: Happy Valentine's Day. If you love no one else today, and everyday, love God and love yourself. ♥
All day, I kept thinking about how it was Tuesday, but it felt like a Monday, because I had a three day weekend, which made today feel like my Monday. You see this morning,  I was almost late for work, and on the way there a lady rear ended me. Not badly, but she slid into me. At first I was so angry. But after we pulled off to the side, and she apologized profusely, I was the one who felt bad telling her it was okay, because I needed a new bumper, anyway. ”We're in Chicago. Everyone needs a new bumper!” She said. Haha. I told her I was just mad because I was late. She was too. Typical Monday---i mean Tuesday.

So after finally finding my location, I apologized to my patient for being late. She told me it was okay, and after her appointment, we went shopping at Marshall's. This lady was amazing at bargain hunting! A man with huge Valentine's balloons and roses came in to shop. How LUCKY his partner was to get such a great surprise!!!

Next, was Mariano's, a, local grocery store. You'd think they were giving away flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, with how busy they were. It was nice for me to be an innocent bystander to all the chaos for once. Haha! I even told my patient how glad I was to not have to pay an arm and a leg for roses. Haha!

Later, I dropped her off at her building, which was from the 1920's. The back staircase was added onto the building and the original exterior of the building was where her back door was, only inside the building! And the building faced the corner, unlike any other building I've ever seen that's that old. So beautiful!!!

My last stop was Barnes and Noble, to kill some time before my 8pm shift. Right as I walked in, there was a table of books about love. They were all so nice. I looked over all of them, and chose the best I've on the table: Awful First Dates by Sarah Z. Wexler. It was good, in a guilty pleasure way. It makes you feel good that you're not the only one who goes on crappy first dates, and happy that your crappy date wasn't that bad.
The whole day, I realized was pretty good! Granted it did feel like a Monday, and act like one, too. But this Valentine's Day, I can honestly say that I wasn't sad to be single! Instead, I was grateful to feel whole without being in a relationship. Every person who's single hates Valentine's Day, but today for once, I felt like loving myself was enough. That's a great feeling! I hope every year feels this great! :) And Happy Valentine's Day!

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