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Friday, May 29, 2015

May Practical Scrappers Post!

If you're following along with this month's blog hop, you should've come from Wendy's blog (Stamping Rules). If you'd like to start over, here is the link for the first post in the blog: Audrey's Reflection (Start Here!)

Now for the fun part!!!!!
This is going to be one of my absolute favorite posts, ever. I am so excited to share this layout. While it's not the layout that I care about so much, it's the photo that means the universe to me. The picture I used is one of Bean, the first dog I could call mine (and my ex-husband's, I guess), and my first collie. This picture was taken when my ex-husband was deployed in Iraq with the Army. My sister, Kelly took it, while Bean sat in the back of the vintage Monte Carlo that my ex and I owned. While my ex and obviously ended up not working out, this picture holds so much emotion that I had toward Bean, and toward the fragile situation I was in, being married to a deployed soldier. I think at that time, I knew to cherish Bean a lot more, because he was the one thing that mad me feel closer to my ex, when he couldn't be there. Bean would walk around the house behind me, and follow me into every room. I was so grateful for him. Sadly, we had to give him back to the rescue because he had medical issues that we couldn't take care of financially. However, he did get readopted to a family who was able to take care of him, much better than we could. Which leads me to  the layout part.
Some animals go through some really rough times, before they're able to find their forever home. Some are abused, and others neglected. However, for some reason they're always able to love their owners as if they've never experienced sadness, a day in their life. I'm not sure how they do this, but they are so good at it--at being happy, and running, and showing affection. If there's anything that I've learned from animals, it's that I need to learn to be more forgiving, and understanding. I need to be able to start over, and see the good in people even if they have hurt me. Not that this is something that should always be done, but if the person is genuinely trying to gain my trust back, maybe I should try harder to hear them out and meet them halfway. I've never been too great at this, but maybe it's time I start...

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I know I did! Now, on to your next post in the blog hop! Head on over to Lee-Ann's Blog (Love the Journey), and I can't wait to see you next month! Bye, until next time!